Cheap oil change near me: prices, discounts and coupons

Cheap oil change near me: discounts, coupons & prices


Table of contents

  1. Oil change coupons
  2. How to change oil
  3. What is the Difference between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil?
  4. What are Synthetic Oils?
  5. Who are the Most Popular Motor Oil Manufacturers?
  6. Where can I find an Engine Oil Capacity Chart?


Changing the oil in a vehicle is a vital service procedure that all auto proprietors need to manage pretty routinely. Keeping your auto legitimately oiled by taking after the prescribed upkeep timetable is a standout amongst the most basic things you can do to drag out the life continuance of your transportation. This objective is accomplished by greasing up moving parts, consumption aversion and the motor cleaning and cooling.

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Oil change coupons near me: do-it-yourself guide, cheap car service, attractive prices

Underneath there is a rundown of tips on how regularly you ought to change your auto's oil, do-it-without anyone else's help change control, costs on this service and a catalog of coupons offered by a scope of upkeep service focuses.

Oil change coupons

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Necessary supplies and oil change coupons provide СЃheap car service near me with low prices

Everyone's searching for the least expensive oil change near me. Here are the costs and a rundown of coupons that are by and by being offered via car service organizations in the US.


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Oil change coupon near me: get cheap service with profitable prices using coupons

How to change oil

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Change oil by yourself without coupons and don't look for the cheap prices near me

The greater part of auto producers suggest changing the oil and filter each 7,500 miles. Some of them suggest the following timetable - each 10,000 miles. Thank to as of late made enhancements and new innovations utilized as a part of the autos and oil, both things are a great deal more proficient, more up to date vehicles are permitted to take after the 7,500 mile plan. Autos more seasoned than 10 years or so ought to have their oil checked all the more regularly. The suggested recurrence relies on upon the kind of vehicle, style of driving, the sort of liquid and filter utilized.

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Change oil in time and use coupons near me - cheap service with low prices are guaranteed

Please remember it! It is likewise encouraged to swap out synthetic liquid each 6,000 miles and those which are petroleum-based each 4,000 miles. Check your vehicle's upkeep manual tips for more point by point proposals and any additional necessities.

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How to change oil near me on the cheap: do it in time and don't forget about coupons providing low prices


Changing-by-yourself is an easy and, more importantly, cheap process. It relies upon the make and model of the vehicle, yet the essential stages are the same for all autos. As we can't give you each and every detail for each kind of vehicle, we will uncover the general procedure so you can to do it without anyone's help.

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How to change oil? No coupons. no need to visit the cheap place near me with hot prices

You'll need the following supplies:

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Supplies for oil change. Do it by yourself places near me and there is no need to use coupons and find cheap service with low prices

Step-by-step guide:

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Let's start! Don't look for cheap service or profitable prices and don't use oil change coupons near me


  1. First check your owner's manual to find the type and amount required. Ensure you get the correct consistency. Note any special requirements defined by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Drive the car a bit (e.g. to the store to get the oil) to loosen everything up and heat it up so it flows faster. Let the car cool down a bit so that it is warm (not hot) so you don't burn yourself during procedure. It's not frequently vital, but rather you ought to locate a legitimate lift point and raise it up utilizing the floor jack in the event that you require better get to.
  2. Support it with the safety stands, then proceed to position the drain pan beneath the drain plug & filter (or the drain plug first if they are far apart from each other). Loosen and remove it using the appropriate wrench. Take the filler cap off to let it run out more quickly and remind you to put more in before starting your car. Clean and control the drain plug to see if it needs a replacement washer. Once all of it has drained from the drain pan, re-install it. Tighten it to the proper torque specifications, located in your car's maintenance manual. Then, find and slowly loosen the filter. It will drain from the filter very fast.
  3. After diminishing the flow, continue to loosen it until it is able to be delicately removed from its housing. Make sure that the housing does not have a rubber gasket or O-ring left behind from the old filter. Dip your finger into either the used or the new oil and lubricate the gasket on the new one, then proceed to screw the filter into the housing, following the instructions provided on the packaging.
  4. The next thing you should do is to remove the drain pan from beneath the vehicle. Raise it enough to safely remove the jack stands, and then slowly lower it until you can move the jack into a safe location. Locate the oil cap on the top of the engine. Remove the cap, insert the funnel, and dispense the required amount into the engine. When completed, replace the cap.
  5. Use the dipstick to check the level. If the level appears in the marked safe zone on the dipstick, replace the dipstick, enter the vehicle, start the car, wait 30 seconds and turn it off. Wait a few minutes after turning it off and check the level one more time. If it is near the top of the marked safe zone, your work is done. If the level is near the bottom of the safe zone, add one half quart, then check again. Be sure that you do not get it overfilled. In the end, locate a tool that accepts used fluid and discard it there.

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Almost everything is done! Note: no coupons with discount prices and no necessity to visit cheap service near me

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We do it! Oil change is done. Next time do it again or visit cheap service near me and use coupons to pay low prices

What is the Difference between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil?

When you change your car's engine oil you have a lot of choices, including the use of synthetic oil or conventional oil. Most wonder what the benefits are of using synthetic vs. conventional oil. And if it's really worth the money. Conventional motor oil is a lubricant that is derived directly from crude oil. It has excellent properties that allow it to provide lubrication at high temperatures, as well as maintaining its stability over long periods of time. Synthetic oil actually begins its life as conventional oil and is then modified to improve its protective and lubricant properties. Some blends of synthetic oil are designed specifically to increase the performance and life of high-mileage cars. Others are meant specifically for high-performance engines. Others actually have the ability to increase your car's fuel mileage by using special advanced lubricants. Here is a quick overview of the most common advantages that synthetic oils offer over conventional motor oil:

What are Synthetic Oils?

A synthetic lubricant contains more highly refined base oils than those used in conventional mineral oils, offering you superior protection and performance. Synthetic engine oils provide a variety of benefits that keep your engine running at optimal performance for years.
There are two basic types of engine oil available:

  1. Conventional mineral oils are the traditional types of engine oil and are still most widely used.
  2. Synthetic motor oils which are steadily growing in popularity.

There are also semi-synthetic oils, which are a blend of synthetic oils and conventional mineral oils. Semi-synthetic oils are also sometimes called "blends".

Both types of engine oil are made from crude oil that comes from the ground. The difference is that synthetic motor oils are made from more advanced refining processes and are of a higher purity and quality than conventional mineral oils or semi-synthetic oils. This not only removes more impurities from the crude oil, it enables individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the demands of modern engines. These customized molecules provide higher levels of protection and performance, even in extreme conditions.

In all these important respects, synthetic lubricants easily outperform mineral oils. As a 100% synthetic motor oil, many offers significant advantages over conventional engine oils, such as:

Who are the Most Popular Motor Oil Manufacturers?

Motor oil is classified based on the viscosity number and by manufacturer. Some motor oil manufacturers only make certain types of oil (for example 20W-50). However, the most common manufacturers for motor oil used in a typical automobile are: Castrol, Exxon, Havoline, Mobil, Pennzoil, Quaker State, Valvoline, and Shell. All of these manufacturers create and sell oil typically used in automobiles. There are dozens of other manufacturers but these are by far the most popular.

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Oil change prices comparison: discount coupons help you to use cheap service near me

Where can I find an Engine Oil Capacity Chart?

An engine oil capacity chart can be found in a number of locations. The simplest place to look is in your vehicles owner's manual. However, many auto part suppliers have this information on hand and will freely distribute it. These are the two best places to get the correct information. Aside from that you should be able to find the desired information on numerous websites. However, information on the Internet is often misleading or incorrect, so it is better to get the oil capacity from your service manual, local dealership, or auto parts dealer, if possible.

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Find out where is the cheap oil change service company near me. Don' forget about coupons and pay low prices




Your town or city might also take your old oil and filters -- it's worth checking.


If you really despise getting oil on your hands when unscrewing the oil filter, try punching several nail holes in the bottom of the filter. It will allow the oil in the filter to drain out and there will be hardly any oil left to leak and the filter will be a lot lighter to grab as you unscrew it completely. I've tried this and it does come in handy especially if the oil is warm to hot.

Mr_Shiftright California

Or you can punch through the oil filter entirely (if it's a spin off, NOT a cartridge like the one shown here) and just leave the screwdriver in there---after it drains, you can use the tool as a lever to rotate the oil filter. Then lift it out the same way. Not a drop on your hands (if you're careful).

If you're a newbie at this, keep in mind that when you first remove the drain plug, there will be a "surge" of oil coming out. It won't flow directly downwards--sometimes you can miss the oil catch completely.


I now use my No Mess Drain Plug - which replaces the standard drain plug. Made life much easier and cleaner for me.

Nice job on catching the old plug - before I installed my new drain plug, I was 50/50 on catching the old oil drain plug.


Because it is covered ELSEWHERE, this is NOT an entirely accurate method for changing oil in a 2016 Dodge Charger, having a top-mounted oil filter. When the cap covering the oil filter element is loosened, air gets into the oil filter and used oil from the filter then drains into the sump. MOPAR recommends placing a rag around the cap, loosen the cap, and then drain the oil.

Auto Oil Changers

Excellent photos and write-up! I usually take my old oil to AutoZone or O'Reilly, they will let you dump the used oil in their waste tank for recycling at no cost.


Hi, loved your oil change description. Having done the same regularly on my motorhome. One thing, as described by 'ericthecarguy' 5w30 synthetic oil is the magic substance to use these days, but as Eric says in the older engine, while you will have the protection this very thin oil will allow all the noises and knocks being heard and exaggerated. Giving the impresion of fault conditions. So me, as my van is 18 years old, I stick to 10W40 Semi. synthetic oil.

Jfake Hname

hey, cool blog/van/plan. and in europe, im so jealous. you rock!

just wanted to toss in my 2 cents to your oil change lesson. always wipe the engine block with a clean/suitable rag and feel/look to ensure a clean sealing surface and most important that the old gasket/o ring didnt stick to the block. many an engine has met its demise because of a double o ring. also i hope your warming up the engine by driving not reving in neutral which high reving with no load(in neutral) can be damaging to an engine. tho you are correct its a good idea to take her out for a good run first, get all that hot oil splashing around the engine. just do it while driving. anyway just my 2 cents, thx for the blog/sharing! peace.

Christopher Banas

I grew up with the 3k to 5k interval. I use an oil testing service (Blackstone Labs) to monitor engine condition. I made a comment when I submitted a sample that it was unbelievable that with close to 5k miles, the computer on my 2011 Chevy HHR still showed over 65% oil life left. Blackstone responded that the sample was fine and that there was plenty of protection left. I kept increasing the mileage between changes and have reached a 12k interval with 20% remaining life per the computer. With over 265,000 miles on the vehicle the oil analysis shows no abnormal signs of wear. Basically have gone from once a month to once a quarter with no ill effects. Why waste the resource and the money. Cars these days have a computer measuring oil life, spend the $25 for an analysis and see how accurate it is.

bow wow

My 2002 Toyota Corolla (I bought in Sept 2001) booklet says change oil every 7,500 miles, but I did it every 5k.

It still runs great at 137k miles.

Tommy Eldridge

I bought a 2004 Chevy Malibu in 2005. A basic model 4 cylinder Malibu. We did the oil changes (and anything else) exactly when it was supposed to be done. Oil at 3K and I finally watched the car drive away to its new owner in 2014 at 344,000 miles. You stated $20 for an oil change, they were more like $30. That was an extra 2K out of pocket and in my opinion, it was well spent. I'll stick with 3K mile changes.

Gregory Watts

When i bought my car... after 800 miles, i changed the oil. After another 800 i changed it again. However, i change it after every 2000 miles now, sometimes earlier.

John Mp

I did my first oil change today. It took two days to get the right tools but it all came together on the third day. This was the first car related thing I've ever done besides driving them so it felt nice to do it and this article helped a ton.


dude thank you making this. as a girl its very hard and uncomfortable for me to go and ask for help with my car without being patronized or treated like I just shouldn't know anything about it. so to be able to know how do it my self is really helpful.

RichGarcia Tv

also when you guys take off the old oil filter make sure to double check and see if the old gasket didn't stay on the engine

Special Snowflake

I just bought a Jeep. The retard who owned it before me put like 10 quarts in instead of 6. Now its knocking like a bitch. Is there anything i can do? Im not driving it anymore.

Alastair Queen avoid over-filling with the fresh oil, look in the owner’s handbook, find out how much oil the engine should contain, then, when re-filling with fresh oil, leave out about a litre. When undergoing the engine-running process, turn off, leave to cool, then carefully add oil from the left-over litre, until the oil level is at, or just below, the ‘full’ mark on the dipstick?


I agree that changing your oil can be easy to do, but now you can use groupon or something similar to get multiple oil changes for a price that you can't beat. Plus, many of the groupon ones include higher quality oil for the same price as regular oil is for you which just means that you are doing your car a service.


I normally do my own oil changes (right now my car has lifetime free oil changes from the dealer so I'm not doing it) but this is one of the few maintenance routines that can actually be cheaper if you have a shop do it since they buy oil and filters in such large quantities. I can normally buy oil and the filter for about $20 but shops commonly charge $15-$20.

Also Frams model numbers use a naming convention that makes the numbers the same, the letters before correspond to the type of filter (eg. the FRAM Xtra Tuff filter may be XT0985 but the FRAM Supa Awesome filter would be SA0985)

John Patricia

Oil filter is one of the most essential part of a car engine. It is useful in cleaning the oil as it passes through the filter and prevents abrasive contaminants from damaging various parts of car engine. That is the reason why it is very important to choose a high quality oil filter as the internal combustion and quality of filter has a huge effect on the life of the car engine. Apart from oil filter, oil is another factor that must be taken into consideration as it is helpful in engine lubrication. Though it is very common to replace it after 3500 KM but this is the not the real as it depends upon the type of running as well as running location. So, overall I can say that it is good to take the car to an authorized service center on a regular basis for the inspection of both oil and oil filter. Thank you.

Alex Meyer

It seems that the 3,000 mile myth extent reaches only the US. Good to see that.

I loved your oil drip pan. Hey, if it does the job it ain’t stupid is it?

In any case, you only need to run the engine for about 5-10 seconds. In fact, if you let it running for so long and there’s a major leak (let’s say, the oil filter didn’t fit well) you run the risk of spilling the whole thing out. Just my 2 cents!


Flush the engine and press on. I have used amsoil for a number of years. More than 20. It is expensive (I hate the word cheap) BUT the bottom line the gas milage improves and oil usage decreases. I love it when I just slip it off the grip stick and it just feels slicker. Try that after 6K with mobile 1. I’ve used it on Honda’s and Jeeps completely (trans, differentials, transfers) and never had a failure. My mechnicics just step back and nod. I tend to be just a little aggressive (not crazy but my wife is confidence when the snow or sand is deep and the laughter is high)

on my jeep vehicles ( especially in 4W).

Dillon Holsapple

Just changed the oil in my truck today. I forgot to put the drain plug back in and wasted 5 quarts of oil.


One good tip for draining the oil is to ensure the pan has enough room to catch the oil once it's almost done and drips straight down but also far enough that it catches it when it first comes out and shoots out kinda far.

Travis Simons

I like the tip of using the right oil. My uncle says that you can find out what type of oil you should use in your car’s manual. It seems like it would help your car run better and for longer if you get the right kind.

David Hawkins

I’ve always heard the argument between synthetic and conventional, but I never knew what the differences. I’m thinking that based on what you’ve said, I think that my engine would benefit from synthetic oil the most. I’ll have to do some additional research with my manufacturer and make sure that the oil I pick helps the most. Thanks for all the great tips!

Jade Brunet

It is good to know that if oil in a car is not changed, it gets dirtier and eventually no longer greases properly. I did not know that weather and the age of the engine could be factors to how often one should change the oil in their car. Something else to consider would be to find ways to recycle used oil to make the world a better place.

Daniel Alpert

Just an FYI for everyone out there that should be monitoring your oil level, don't depend on the service station you have your oil changed at to maintain your oil level in the proper range. Take personal responsibility for YOUR vehicle. Engines start using oil for any reason or NO REASON. It's not your service stations fault if YOU let your oil level go too low and severe engine damage occurs.

I also recommend checking the oil level at every 3rd or 4th gas fill. As long as the oil is in the operating range, eather the cross hatch area, or between the high and low marks on the dipstick, then the level is fine. If it drops below the low mark, then add enough oil to the engine to bring it back into the operating range. It does not need to be at the full mark, just in the operating range. I go by at least half ways up the operating range or more. AND USE THE EXACT SAME BRAND OF OIL THAT IS CURRENTLY IN THE ENGINE!!!!!!!!!! If you have Mobil 1 in the engine, top it off with Mobil 1 oil, If you have Pennzoil in the engine, top off with Pennzoil, preferably in the same weight range. If you have 10W30 oil in the engine currently, and only 5W30 is available where you get the oil, as long as it is the same brand, it is fine to top off with the 5W30, again IN THE SAME BRAND AS WHAT IS CURRENTLY IN THE ENGINE!!! Don't pour in some store brand oil to top off unless that same store brand is what's in the engine. Different oil manufacturers use different additives in their oil. Don't take the chance that the additive in the oil in your engine is not compatible with another manufacturers oil additives. If you have conventional oil in the engine, and only synthetic oil is available, again, as long as it's the same brand, it is fine to use that brand.

Just take responsibility for YOUR vehicle and it's regular maintenance.

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